Playwright / Composer, Off-Broadway's 'Disenchanted!'





In Development

Ray Latz has a secret.  He glows when he's happy.  For real.  It's the reason his parents shunned him, his first (and only) love dumped him, and he's lived most of his adult life hiding out in his apartment playing his piano.  He leaves only to grocery shop, visit his friend at the pet store, and go to work.  Ray is Ollie the Octopus at the Denver Aquarium.  It's the perfect job for someone trying to keep an 'illuminating' secret under cover - the costume is head-to-toe.

Kate Widder is a mess.  She's a kindergarten teacher and yes, she's a disorganized, neurotic mess.  Her boyfriend ran off with her younger, far less intellectual sister leaving her a shell of insecurity and distrust.  She hasn't been on a date in years, has lost her passion for teaching (okay, she's lost her passion for everything!), and spends her evenings eating Jiffy Pop while watching Lifetime movies.  PS.  Those movies don't make her cry, they just make her mad.

When these two meet, sparks will fly.  Literally.  A hilariously quirky new musical that sheds a little light on the subject of love.



Ray falls for Kate but keeps his distance - the whole glow-in-the-dark thing and all.  He has an unusual case of visible human bioluminescene.  Though our hero emanates light from within, he sees a special glow in Kate - a glow she lost long ago due to a never-completely-healed  broken heart.

These feelings of love are new to Ray as he realizes, albeit unseen by the naked eye, 'SHE GLOWS' as well.

Music & Lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino   Performed by Cesar De La Rosa


Every boy's best friend - his bike!  In Ray's case it's an old friend - a 1953 fire-engine-red Schwinn that he's had since he was ten year's old.  The two-wheeler belonged to Ray's grandad, who raised him.


Ray often rides his Schwinn Meteor out of town and up into the foothills of the Rockies, seemingly light years away from the bullying he experiences at school.  Y'see, young Ray was a science nerd into comic books - thick-rimmed glasses, a mouth full of braces, and an inability to talk with chicks.  But when Ray glides out of town on his Schwinn, he feels free, like a super hero.  On he rides!

Music & Lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino   Performed by Cesar De La Rosa

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